College World Series Scores and Rankings of 2024

The College World Series (CWS) represents the pinnacle of collegiate baseball, where the best teams in the nation converge to compete for the coveted championship. The 2024 edition promises to be no different, with fierce competition, nail-biting games, and standout performances.

This comprehensive guide delves into the College World Series Scores and Rankings of 2024, providing a detailed overview of the journey to Omaha and the key moments that define this year’s tournament.

Overview of the College World Series Format

The College World Series is structured to showcase the best teams in NCAA Division I baseball. The journey begins with the Regional and Super Regional rounds, culminating in the final showdown in Omaha, Nebraska. Here’s a breakdown of the tournament structure:

  1. Regional Rounds: 64 teams are divided into 16 regional brackets, each featuring four teams. The regionals follow a double-elimination format.
  2. Super Regionals: The 16 winners from the regional rounds advance to the Super Regionals, where they compete in eight best-of-three series.
  3. College World Series: The eight victorious teams from the Super Regionals move on to Omaha. The CWS itself follows a double-elimination format until only two teams remain, who then face off in a best-of-three championship series.

College World Series Scores and Rankings of 2024

Keeping track of the scores is crucial for understanding the flow of the tournament. Here are the key results from the 2024 College World Series, starting with the Regional and Super Regional rounds, and leading up to the final games in Omaha.

Regional Round Scores

The Regional Rounds took place from June 1-4, 2024, featuring intense competition across the country. Here are some highlights:

  • Gainesville Regional:
    • Florida 7, Central Michigan 3
    • Florida 5, Miami 4
    • Miami 8, Central Michigan 2 (Elimination game)
    • Florida 6, Miami 5 (Florida advances)
  • Austin Regional:
    • Texas 9, Army 1
    • Texas 4, Arizona State 2
    • Arizona State 6, Army 3 (Elimination game)
    • Texas 8, Arizona State 6 (Texas advances)
  • Nashville Regional:
    • Vanderbilt 11, Wright State 4
    • Vanderbilt 7, Georgia Tech 5
    • Georgia Tech 9, Wright State 6 (Elimination game)
    • Vanderbilt 5, Georgia Tech 3 (Vanderbilt advances)

Super Regional Scores

The Super Regionals took place from June 7-10, 2024. The best-of-three series determined the final eight teams heading to Omaha:

  • Gainesville Super Regional:
    • Florida 4, Oregon State 3
    • Oregon State 5, Florida 4
    • Florida 6, Oregon State 2 (Florida advances)
  • Austin Super Regional:
    • Texas 3, Stanford 2
    • Stanford 7, Texas 5
    • Texas 4, Stanford 3 (Texas advances)
  • Nashville Super Regional:
    • Vanderbilt 6, TCU 4
    • Vanderbilt 8, TCU 6 (Vanderbilt advances)

College World Series Scores

The College World Series in Omaha began on June 15, 2024, with the final games scheduled for June 24-25. Here are the scores from the initial rounds:

  • Opening Round:
    • Florida 5, Vanderbilt 4
    • Texas 8, LSU 5
    • Arkansas 7, Stanford 6
    • UCLA 4, Virginia 3
  • Winner’s Bracket:
    • Florida 6, Texas 4
    • Arkansas 5, UCLA 2
  • Elimination Games:
    • Vanderbilt 7, LSU 6
    • Virginia 9, Stanford 7
    • Texas 6, Vanderbilt 5
    • UCLA 4, Virginia 3
  • Bracket Finals:
    • Florida 7, Arkansas 5 (Arkansas eliminated)
    • Texas 5, UCLA 3 (UCLA eliminated)
  • Championship Series:
    • Game 1: Florida 4, Texas 3
    • Game 2: Texas 6, Florida 2
    • Game 3: Florida 5, Texas 4 (Florida wins the championship)

2024 College World Series Brackets

College World Series Scores and Rankings of 2024

Understanding the bracket system is essential to grasp the tournament’s progression. The College World Series brackets are divided into two main sections: the winner’s bracket and the elimination bracket.

Winner’s Bracket

The winner’s bracket includes the initial winners from each round. Teams in this bracket have the advantage of needing to lose twice to be eliminated, providing a cushion that can be crucial in such a competitive environment.

  • Bracket 1: Florida, Vanderbilt, Texas, LSU
  • Bracket 2: Arkansas, Stanford, UCLA, Virginia

Path to the Championship:

  • Florida defeated Vanderbilt and Texas to advance directly to the Bracket 1 final.
  • Arkansas and UCLA emerged victorious in Bracket 2, with Arkansas ultimately advancing to the finals.
  • Florida triumphed over Arkansas to secure a spot in the championship series.

Elimination Bracket

Teams that lose in the winner’s bracket move to the elimination bracket. This is a high-stakes path where another loss results in elimination from the tournament.

  • Vanderbilt and LSU faced off in an early elimination game, with Vanderbilt advancing.
  • Texas and Virginia also moved to the elimination bracket, where Texas managed to outlast their competitors.
  • The elimination bracket finals saw Texas overcome UCLA to earn a rematch against Florida in the championship series.

Rankings and Seedings

Rankings and seedings play a critical role in the College World Series, influencing the matchups and the overall dynamics of the tournament. The 2024 rankings were determined based on the regular season and performance in the regional rounds.

Top National Seeds

The top national seeds are given to the most outstanding teams based on their season performance, providing them with the advantage of hosting regional games and potentially favorable matchups.

  1. Florida Gators: Florida earned the top seed due to their exceptional regular season record and dominance in the SEC.
  2. Texas Longhorns: Texas secured the second seed with a strong performance in the Big 12 and consistent wins throughout the season.
  3. Vanderbilt Commodores: Vanderbilt’s robust pitching staff and overall team depth earned them the third seed.
  4. LSU Tigers: LSU rounded out the top seeds, showcasing a balanced team with both offensive and defensive prowess.

Impact of Rankings

The rankings significantly impacted the tournament’s dynamics:

  • Top-seeded teams like Florida and Texas enjoyed home-field advantage in the regional rounds.
  • Lower-seeded and unseeded teams faced tougher paths, often requiring them to defeat higher-ranked opponents to advance.
  • The seedings set the stage for key matchups early in the tournament, adding to the excitement and unpredictability.

Key Moments and Highlights

College World Series Scores and Rankings of 2024

The 2024 College World Series has been filled with memorable moments that highlight the drama and excitement of collegiate baseball. Here are some of the key highlights:

Florida’s Dominance

Florida’s journey to the championship was marked by clutch performances and resilient play. Their ability to win close games, such as the one-run victories against Vanderbilt and Texas, showcased their mental toughness and strategic acumen.

Texas’ Resilience

Texas demonstrated remarkable resilience throughout the tournament. After an early loss in the winner’s bracket, they fought their way through the elimination bracket, including a dramatic victory over UCLA, to reach the championship series.

Standout Performances

  • Jack Leiter (Vanderbilt): Leiter’s pitching was a standout, delivering several dominant performances that kept Vanderbilt in contention.
  • Dylan Crews (LSU): Crews’ hitting prowess was on full display, with key home runs and RBIs that energized the LSU lineup.
  • Hunter Barco (Florida): Barco’s pitching in crucial games provided stability and confidence for the Gators, helping them navigate through tough matchups.

Upsets and Surprises

The College World Series is always full of surprises, and 2024 was no exception:

  • Stanford’s Early Exit: Despite being a strong contender, Stanford was eliminated early, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the tournament.
  • Virginia’s Run: Virginia’s ability to advance through the regional rounds and compete in Omaha was a testament to their determination and skill, even though they ultimately fell short in the elimination bracket.


The 2024 College World Series has been a testament to the passion, talent, and competitive spirit of collegiate baseball. From the intense regional and super regional battles to the thrilling games in Omaha, the tournament has provided fans with unforgettable moments and high-quality baseball.

Florida’s triumph in the championship series against Texas capped off a remarkable season, showcasing their resilience and excellence. As we reflect on the scores, brackets, and rankings, it’s clear that the 2024 College World Series has lived up to its reputation as one of the most exciting events in sports.

The 2024 CWS will be remembered as a celebration of the best in collegiate baseball, highlighting the enduring appeal and excitement of this great American pastime.